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GDAstart is a free of charge service available to any Dressage rider. Users have access to everything except the detailed analytics service. It’s a great way to start to build the repository of your dressage tests, to track your trends to get first insights into your test performance. You can link your videos to your rides. If we already have the competition in our system then you have nothing to do, if not then you will need to upload the scores, but this takes about 5 minutes per test using our intelligent web form. You can upgrade at any time to our Standard or Premium services.


Riders can access all the analytics related to their competitive history. Wherever practicable GDA collects this data from federations/ organizers/scoring-services etc., or alternatively users have the possibility to upload themselves their competition details which will form the basis of their analytics. The basic analytics includes: visualize the details of all your past competitions; horse-by-horse and test-by-test overall trend analysis; figure-type analysis (strengths, weaknesses, inconsistencies); interactive competition simulation used to forecast future performance based on past scores. User assistance is just an email away. Send us any National Test descriptions that we don’t already have in our system and GDA will load them up for you.


Includes all features of the Standard Rider Product, and in addition GDA will takes on all the work of uploading your scoresheet data. Scan or use your mobile device to photograph your score sheets or the Organizers score summary and send them to GDA, GDA undertakes to enter the data in a timely fashion and to inform you when the data and its Analytics are available. You get all the analytics for a minimum of extra work on your side!

Premium Support

GDA is able to offer a detailed and personalized service to a select number of riders that includes detailed reporting prepared according to their specific requirements, in-person visits and consultancy. Please contact GDA for further details