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GDA is a web service that brings together detailed dressage result information with state of the art analytics to give you new insights into the performance of riders, horses and judges. Born from a collaboration between Dr David Stickland, the World Dressage Masters, innoSportNL, Dressage Direct and developed and tested with top riders like Steffen Peters and in consultative work with the FEI and KNHS, GDA principles have been widely discussed at the prestigious Global Dressage Forum in 2009-2012. GDA tools and Analysis were used by all three medal winning teams in the run-up to the London Olympics and they are now being made available to riders of all levels and nationalities.

GDA compiles the data from international events, but any individuals’s can also upload their results from national shows. Then a suite of presentation and analytic tools allow you to visualize those results and extract their, sometimes surprising, secrets. With this detailed analysis you can measure yourself and identify focused training that can help you improve.