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Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions, if you can’t find the answer you are looking for don’t hesitate to contact us:

Who can have a GDA rider account

Anyone!  If you ride competitive dressage then you can use GDA to keep a log of your results and visualize your test analytics. With a GDAstart account you pay nothing to use the basic service. When you are ready to get more out of GDA with the Analytics then you can subscribe to our Standard service. Or if you want to leave all the work to us then subscribe to the premium service and we take care of entering your scores.

Which Dressage Tests does GDA know about?

GDA  needs to know the detailed makeup of every test, which figures are the Walk, which the Piaffe, what the coefficients are etc. Using this data we assign each figure to various figure types (i.e. Piaffe), an Amplitude (Collected, Medium, Extended, Lateral…) a Direction (Left, Right). In this way we can look for the underlying strengths and weaknesses, and group together different figures with the same basic movements.

Currently  GDA has all FEI tests encoded (Grand Prix, Small Tour, Pony, Junior, Young-Rider, U25 and all PARA tests). USDF tests are being entered and other national tests are ready to be entered. If a test you use is not currently available, please send a copy of the test protocol to contact@globaldressageanalytics.com and we will get it in as quickly as posible for you.

Why is GDA only available in English?

English is the first language we have used, but we have built the site to allow language choices, as soos as we have some time we will  bring in other languages! For now, sorry, please bear with us while we make the functionality of the site work and then bring in your language.  🙁

Why (and how) must I submit identification information?

Confidentiality is important to us at GDA. While final scores in sporting events are clearly in the public domain, and indeed very often also the figure by figure and judge by judge scores at higher levels, we don’t think its necessarily a good idea that everyone and anyone can look in detail at your or your horses strengths and weaknesses. (Maybe it’s not a good idea that all the judges could see before your test that your Extended Trot is getting worse and worse…) So when you attach a user account to a rider we ask you for some confirmation that you are who you say you are. We do not want copies of sensitive information, passports, driving licenses etc.

We ask you to send us an email affirming that you are the rider in question. The email address should normally have your name in it, or you can send us a copy of your federation competition license or similar. If you are unsure what to do send us an email and we will contact you directly.

When will I asked to pay something?

If you take a GDAstart account, you do not have to pay anything and you will  not need to give any credit card information.

If you take a paid subscription to our full services then you wil be asked at that time to provide credit card details. You will be billed monthly or annually depending on your choice.  If you are based in the European union (and not in the Netherlands) and will be using an eligable business account to pay your bills, you can contact GDA with your VAT number and we can set up the billing without VAT addition.

Who can have a trainer account?

Anyone. But the riders you want to work with need to confirm they are willing to share their data with you. When you have subscribed to a (free) trainer account you can select riders and they will be sent a message asking them if they authorize you to access their details. (Today the selection of riders is done via the “Account” menu, but this will be modified soon). As soon as they do this then you can see their analytics. At any time a rider can remove this permission from their own Account menu.

Trainers with 4 or more subscribed riders qualify for a free rider account of their own! With 6 or more subscribed riders they can get a free Premium account. Contact us by email if you would like to take advantage of this offer (contact@globaldressageanalytics.com)

As an Owner or Trainer you can also upload scores to your riders account

I am a Judge, how can I see my Judging Analytics?

Judge Analytics are more complicated to do than those for Riders. We have to be sure for example that all the results included in your analytics are genuine, so we must get the data directly from the organizers and/or your federation. Currently this is only the case for International FEI judges, but will soon also be true for all “subtop and above” KNHS judges.

FEI judges should contact David Stickland (david@globaldressageanalytics.com) or the FEI Dressage Office to request their login credentials.

Individual judges can only see their own analytics and information pertaining to events they have judged. However the Federation itself (for example the Judge Supervisor Panel) can see analytic information for all their judges.

I am a horse Owner, can I see my horses Analytics?

Yes , today you should register for a Trainer account. (See answer to Trainer question above.) Currently a rider would need to give you permission to see all their analytics, but we will soon introduce the possibility for the rider to authorize just information about your horses.

As an Owner or Trainer you can also upload scores to your riders account

I am National Trainer, what can GDA do for me?

A lot! GDA can give you access to all the data we have concerning riders who form your squads. Today you can contact us and we will build the squad of your choice, but very soon this will be under your control, you will be able to select the couples you wish either by name or by criteria (for example all riders, 21 and below, having scored more than 64% in a Young Rider test during the last 6 months…  You will have the possibility to store multiple “Squads”, to edit their membership etc. To do this you will require a National Trainer Subscription, that we establish only after agreement with your National Federation. Please contact david@globaldressageanalytics.com to see how this can be put together.

I want to sell my horse, how can I share my analytics with prospective buyers?

GDA is establishing the capability for you to do this automatically, but we are not there yet. If you have a Standard or premium account you can contact us and we can prepare a report for you to include on your sales website or to send to selected interested buyers.

What are the steps in obtaining a GDA subscription?

GDA treats your data with confidentiality. While the publicly available results can be viewed by anyone, our detailed analytics require a personalized access. Obtaining a GDA account is then a two step process:

You must first register as a GDA user, you will be asked for your basic contact details, a username and a password. (You can change the password at anytime using our tools). If you are a rider, you will be invited to see if we already have your data, or if your details are not yet known to GDA. Once you have selected the rider to associate to your account you will then be asked to send us some form of national rider identification (a copy of your competition license for example).
GDA administration will validate this request, and in the normal course of events within 24 hours you should receive a confirmation email or a request for additional information. When you receive this confirmation, you login again (with your username and password) and you can now select the actual account type you wish to sign up for.
If you wish to start with GDAstart, or only ever use GDAstart, then you have nothing more to do. You can access any data we already have about you, or you can start to load the database with your results
If you wish to take a Standard or Premium subscription  you will need to give us some payment details. All billing is done through a bank service, GDA has no access to, nor keeps, any of your credit card details itself. The annual accounts offer 12 months for the price of 11, but are billed at the beginning of each annual period. You can change from monthly to annual or viceversa, and from standard to premium and vice-versa, at anytime before the next billing date. Changes cannot be retroactive. Once you have completed these steps you will have access to your competition details, you can upload new scores, you can send your scoresheets to GDA if you have a premium membership etc.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time by clicking “Unsubscribe” button on account page or you current subscription page. To access your account page you need to login, click on you name in the top right corner and pick “account” option in the dropdown.

If you have any difficulty to do this then please contact GDA and we will help carry out your requirements