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GDA Terms and Conditions

Our business is the analysis and presentation of Dressage data intended to inform the various actors such as Federations, Judges, Riders, Trainers, Owners etc. The input data we use is usually publicly available and while GDA makes every effort to ensure its integrity, GDA declines all responsibility for decisions based on the analytics. Trainers and Riders can make use of the Analytics as a part of an informed overview of performance and potential.

The Analytic formulae, their implementations and the presentation graphics are the intellectual property and copyright of GDA. Subscribed users can make use of these analytics personally and can use them in their own publications and websites. All non-personal use of the analytics, graphics etc., must make reference to GDA as their source.

Data that users personally enter, such as detailed test scores, is not made public by GDA, whereas data imported from Organizers, Scoring Companies etc, may be made public or used as a basis for Analytic results GDA may make available to subscribers and or make publicly available.

Analytic results relating to individual riders are only made available to those riders, their designated Trainers and designated Horse Owners and the approved representative of their National Federations (For example National Trainers, Chef d’Equipes etc.)

Analytic results relating to individual judges are only made available to those judges and the approved representatives of their National Federations.

Analytic results relating to a specific Competition are made available to the Juries involved, to the Competition Organizers and to the Organizing Federations.